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02 May 2017

Join us to celebrate the completion of Akrotiri Marsh restoration project

Birds, as other wildlife, depend upon the delicate balance of ecosystems for their survival. Restoring, protecting and properly managing habitats is key to the preservation of biodiversity. Akrotiri Marsh, a unique wetland within the Cyprus SBAs, is home to many bird and plant species, and has benefited from targeted conservation actions for the last 2 years thanks to a project funded by the Darwin Initiative.

To celebrate the completion of the project and highlight its results, the project team is organising an event on Thursday 18 May 2017. The event starts at 17:30 at Akrotiri Marsh with the inauguration of one of the birdwatching hides (north side of the site) which was built as part of the project. The event will continue at the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre at 19:00 with a presentation on the challenge of managing the Akrotiri Peninsula and the threats it’s facing and a presentation on the restoration project at Akrotiri Marsh...


27 January 2017

Celebrating World Wetlands Day 2017

Wetlands are among the most diverse and productive ecosystems. They provide essential services and supply all our fresh water. However they continue to be degraded and converted to other uses. 64% of the world’s wetlands have disappeared since 1900.

The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance was signed on 2 February 1971 in the city of Ramsar, Iran, to provide the framework for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources.

To celebrate World Wetlands Day 217, BirdLife Cyprus, the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre, RSPB (BirdLife in UK) and the C3A birdwatching group are organising a series of events on Thursday, 2 February, at Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre. The event includes a number of activities starting from 8:30 am until 19:30...

Electric fence at Akrotiri Marsh © BirdLife Cyprus 02 December 2016

Electric fence to manage grazing at Akrotiri Marsh

To enhance grazing for conservation purposes at Akrotiri Marsh, the Darwin project has erected an electric fence at the site. The electric fence brings us one step closer to having untethered grazing at Akrotiri Marsh. This change in grazing method will help graziers to manage their cattle and will make their life much easier as they will not have to carry water to tethered animals. It will also help...

Breaking the wall of reeds and creating habitat for wildlife © BirdLife Cyprus 17 November 2016

Management works at Akrotiri Marsh have been completed

The Darwin project for the restoration of Akrotiri Marsh has managed to break the wall of reeds at Akrotiri Marsh to create suitable habitat for wildlife. The on site management works for the creation of suitable habitat for target bird species has been perhaps one of the most important activities of the project and these have been successfully completed in early November. The works included ...

One of the four cattle sheds created at Akrotiri marsh 22 August 2016

Works at Akrotiri Marsh for the erection of fence and cattle sheds continue

The works for the erection of fence and cattle sheds at Akrotiri Marsh that started in early May are still ongoing and are expected to finish in early September.

The fencing, is being been erected along the north side of the marsh and is adjacent to the road of the site. The purpose of the fence is to keep cattle within the fenced area but untethered while so far the cattle had been grazing tethered. This change in current grazing regime will allow cattle roam freely and graze in a more natural way with the aim of pushing back the reeds and creating suitable habitat for birds. The fence will also...

Locals collecting basketry material © Pantelis Charilaou 01 August 2016

The Darwin project for the restoration of Akrotiri Marsh supports the preservation of the craft of basketry in Akrotiri

One of the oldest handicrafts, whose practice has been fading away in the last decades, is being promoted thanks to the Darwin project ( for the restoration of Akrotiri Marsh.

Soft basketry weaving used to provide substantial financial income to the residents of Akrotiri village. However, since basketry products have been replaced by other contemporary items in recent years, the traditional craft of basketry has declined. Nowadays, very few villagers practice basketry since it is no longer profitable. The plants that make up the raw material for basketry are confined mainly to Akrotiri Marsh and the constant need for raw material as well as their availability contribute to the conservation of the wetlands of Akrotiri, including Akrotiri Marsh...

16 December 2015

Information Event for the project - Thursday 17/12/2015

The partners of the Darwin project are organising an event to inform the Akrotiri Community on the project actions and progress.

The event is taking place on Thursday, 17 December 2015, at 19:00 at the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre.

02 October 2015

Management works on Akrotiri Marsh planned during October 2015

As part of the Darwin Plus project for the restoration of Akrotiri marsh management works are planned to take place during October 2015. 

01 October 2015

An article on our project in the Darwin Newsletter

The project 'Akrotiri Marsh: A flagship wetland in the Cyprus SBAs' funded by the Darwin Initiative is featured in the November (2015) issue of the Darwin Initiative UK Overseas Territories Newsletter, on page 11. To read the article and find out about other projects in the UK Oversease Territories funded by the Darwin Initiative please find the newsletter here.

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