Management works on Akrotiri Marsh planned during October 2015

02 October 2015

Important note: As part of the Darwin Plus project for the restoration of Akrotiri marsh management works are planned to take place during October 2015. BirdLife Cyprus, as a lead partner of the project is responsible for the implementation and supervision of works. This is the first phase of works which include some initial works mainly for the water management of the site.

The completion of the first phase of works will open the way for designing a second phase of works for habitat modification and water management that will probably take place in autumn 2016.

The works will require the presence of machinery on site and BirdLife Cyprus with the support of project partners and other stakeholders involved in the project will be closely following the progress and implementation of works.

Akrotiri Marsh

Akrotiri marsh (also known as Fassouri marsh/reedbed) is part of the unique Akrotiri wetland complex at the Akrotiri Peninsula in Limassol district. The site lies within the Cyprus Sovereign Base Area and is also a state land.

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