Works at Akrotiri Marsh for the erection of fence and cattle sheds continue

22 August 2016

The works for the erection of fence and cattle sheds at Akrotiri Marsh that started in early May are still ongoing and are expected to finish in early September.

The fencing, is being been erected along the north side of the marsh and is adjacent to the road of the site. The purpose of the fence is to keep cattle within the fenced area but untethered while so far the cattle had been grazing tethered. This change in current grazing regime will allow cattle roam freely and graze in a more natural way with the aim of pushing back the reeds and creating suitable habitat for birds. The fence will also provide a way to control access within the site and will therefore minimise disturbance to birds. In addition, four sheds have been created in order to help increase grazing cattle on site since the existing animals are not enough to optimize the management of the site. The sheds provide cattle protection from harsh weather conditions and they are also expected to make graziers’ life easier as they won’t have to carry water and food to tethered animals anymore. The sheds will also include feeders and water points for cattle.

The fence and sheds are the first steps to improve grazing methods that will help towards the conservation of Akrotiri Marsh. At the same time this infrastructure will improve cattle welfare.

Please note that during works, visitors will be able to visit the site although they will need to use the road adjacent to the site with caution due to the presence of machinery and workers.

BirdLife Cyprus, as a lead partner of the project is responsible for the implementation and supervision of works. Also project partners and other stakeholders involved in the project will be closely following the progress and implementation of works.

Fence erected at Akrotiri Marsh.

Akrotiri Marsh

Akrotiri marsh (also known as Fassouri marsh/reedbed) is part of the unique Akrotiri wetland complex at the Akrotiri Peninsula in Limassol district. The site lies within the Cyprus Sovereign Base Area and is also a state land.

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